All our clients will have the following services included.
No matter if they have a managed server or not.

Live Chat & Phone Support

Call or live chat with an MCKHOST expert, you can also mail or create a trouble ticket.

24/7 Technical Support.

Free 30 min. instances of best effort technical support included each month.

Manual Reboots & OS Reloads

Free manual reboots and (4) free manual OS reloads per month per server.

Network & Hardwares

Guaranteed network uptime of 99.99%. Hardware replacements within 2 hours.

Hardware Diagnostics & Replacement

All servers include free hardware diagnostic and replacement.

Respect and courtesy

WE consider our clients part of our family....such we treat them.

Ad hoc Server Administration

We have an experienced group of engineers fitting any requirement in the server administrator Role. We will be able to  sett up and maintain your  system. If your IT department is to busy to face one specific task, or they don’t have the required skills, we are here to assist, starting with at least one hour of SERVER ADMINISTRATION SUPPORT starting at a flat rate of $40.00 .

If you are in need of any of this items :

Monitor a system performance and provide you with a diagnostics.

Install software/plugin/scrip. Check backups status.

Monitor network communication. Update your system OS.

Scan server for malicious scripts. Solve mail issues.

Create firewall rules.Upgrade PHP versions. Etc.

Other issue? Just name it!


We will take care of management of your  hosted servers wit us , freeing up your technical staff. Server managed services include OS updates and patches, server security hardening and monitoring, proactive service monitoring and more. You will pay only $50.00/month to remove get rid of this burden.

Free data migration from any cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Ensim dedicated server.

Free migration of up to 20 accounts from any shared cPanel solution

Monitoring of services and hardware.

Performance optimization by disabling unnecessary services/users.

Brute Force Detection (cpHulk).

Malware scanning upon indication of exploit.

Proactive OS Updates and Patches

Initial WHM/cPanel Setup using customer provided information

Setup ConfigServerFirewall (CSF).

Installation of any free and available ConfigServer script.

Softaculous included. Nearly 400 applications available with one click installs.

Recovery assistance from your cPanel backups (not managed).